Price Match

At White Swan Diamonds, we are committed to providing you with the best value for your money. If you find a similar diamond cheaper offered by a competitor online, we will be happy to match the price for you. Follow these steps to get a price match:
1)    Send us a copy of the GIA/AGS certificate to Be sure to include the Diamond Stock # from our inventory that you are trying to get a price match on if you see one, or let us know if you do not see a similar diamond in our inventory. Also include the link to the offer and your preferred contact information.

2)    We will review the competitor’s diamond and see if it matches our Price Match Conditions below.

3)    We will contact you with our determination on if we can match the price. If we can match the price, you will be provided instructions on how to checkout with the new price.

Price Match Conditions:

1)    The certificate of the diamond must match or be very close in Carat Weight, Color, Clarity, Cut, Fluorescence, Shape, Polish & Symmetry, Certification Lab, as well Depth % and Table %. Since there are several factors that can determine the value of a diamond, White Swan Diamonds, LLC reserves the sole discretion to determine whether the diamonds are truly comparable

2)    The price match only applies to certified loose diamonds sold on This program does not apply to any finished jewelry.

3)    The offer must not be expired. Expired offers are not eligible for price matching.

4)    The offer must be in USD and be offered within the United States, because markets and diamond prices can vary globally.

5)    The offer must not be a special promotion/discount. This offer must be available to any member of the public.

6)    A price match cannot be made after a sale has already occurred, it can only apply before your purchase.

7)    For a price match to occur, you must supply White Swan Diamonds with all materials requested above. This includes 1) A GIA or AGS diamond certificate and 2) A link to the offer online.

8)    The offer must still be in effect by the time White Swan Diamonds verifies your price match request. Generally this takes between 1-3 business days, but may take up to 5 business days

9)    Auctions, Pawn Shop, & other second-hand or steep-discount retailers do not qualify for price matching. White Swan Diamonds, LLC reserves the sole right to determine if the store or website qualifies

10)    The competitor’s diamond must be available for immediate purchase to be eligible – this means it must be in stock & available to purchase at the stated price.

11)    Shipping & Handling costs will be added to the diamond cost to determine if it is truly cheaper than our comparable stone.

12)    Pricing errors or typographical errors cannot be price matched.

13)    If a price match is offered, the offer will be valid for 72 hours from when White Swan Diamonds contacts you.

14)    Sales with very limited time frames (“Black Friday” sales, “door-buster” sales, “Cyber Monday” sales) are ineligible for price matching.

15)    Sales with limited quantities or special occasion sales, going-out-of-business sales, liquidation sales, grand opening sales, reward program sales, and loyalty program sales are not eligible for price matching.

16)    The customer cannot make multiple claims on the same diamond. This includes if an even lower price diamond is found again, or if the customer is buying multiple diamonds of similar quality & characteristics. White Swan Diamonds reserves the right to determine if a customer is requesting a second price match for a similar diamond.

17)    If White Swan Diamonds determines, in its sole discretion, that not enough information is available to verify a competitor’s diamond price, then a price match will not be issued.

18)    White Swan Diamonds, LLC reserves the rights to 1) Deny any price requests 2) Modify these Price Match Conditions at any time, 3) Request more information from the customer to determine price match qualifications, 4) Terminate the Price Match program at any time, and 5) Determine if two diamonds are comparable & eligible for a Price Match.